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“An investigation into unbridled female desire.” Elle


"A sexual-awakening romp wrapped in a female-empowerment narrative." WaPo

"Brutally honest and real." The Daily Beast


"A sensitive, intimate, and bold story." Kirkus

"A notable work of self-knowledge." Publisher's Weekly

"A true page-turner." Library Journal

"You can't NOT read this book."  Amazon Book Review


"Rinaldi is skilled at writing about sex." Globe and Mail (Canada)

"She bravely courts our disapproval. But in the end she seduces us with her candor and vulnerability." Chicago Tribune

"A stunning report ... Readers will be provoked and fascinated by Rinaldi’s forthright memoir of daredevil sexual exploration and self-liberation.” Booklist


"In a porn-saturated world where, too often, the lens through which we see sex is masculine, her unapologetic account of her search for sexual nirvana is hugely refreshing." The Sunday Times (UK)


"A compelling and clever writer, teasing the reader as expertly with her gradually unfolding, origami-style narrative structure as any of her (lavishly detailed) lovers pleasures her." Sunday Business Post (Ireland)


"A daring and enlightening exploration of sexual identity, marriage, and the search for an authentic self." LAURA VAN DEN BERG, author of Find Me


"Rinaldi’s horizontal adventures will make you howl with laughter and cry with recognition—whatever the state of your romantic or sex life." 

AMY SOHN, author of The Actress


"I loved this brave and inspiring book. Rinaldi rejects middle-aged quiescence in favor of living boldly, sensually, and to the hilt. Would that we all were so brave."

JULIA SCHEERES, NYT bestselling author of Jesus Land


"Uniquely chronicles an intelligent woman’s exhilarating pilgrimage into the rest of her life, living as she damn well pleases. Groundbreaking, sexy, and a joy to read."  SUZANNE FINNAMORE, author of Split: A Memoir of Divorce


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